Hi friends,

My name is Khanh. Before I started this blog, I have been stuck with my emotional self trying to figure out Who I am? How I have been? and What I have got? I was stressed cuz the answers were almost nothing. But then I pulled myself together, got up and made some changes.

I have been focusing too much on what people think about me and how people see me but rarely focused on myself. I realized living with people’s judgments are just too hard and stressful. Instead, I focused more on what I love to do, what matters to me and to people that I love.

I love tea, I love beauty, I love blogging, I love web design and I love it more when what I made becomes helpful.

All of these together made me create Beautea Kettle where I share many useful tea tips I know as well as a few blogging advice.

Thanks friends for visiting my website. You can always reach me via message or we can meet up and have a cup of tea together 🙂

Have a wonderful day!

Yufuin, Oita, Japan 06/01/2019